Hiking & Climbing
in the Zillertal

Head out into the unique nature of the Zillertal: around Mayrhofen, there are a variety of opportunities to explore the Alps with hiking. Do you prefer a leisurely walk through the valley or would you rather head up into the mountains to enjoy the finest views? The perfect routes are available to suit every taste and every ability level.

Ahornbachl am Genießerrundweg | Foto: Mayrhofner Bergbahnen
Wandern Sommer Olpererhuette | Archiv TVB Mayrhofen©Dominic Ebenbichler

Climbing in Mayrhofen

Climbing looks back on a long tradition here in the Zillertal. It's no wonder, because there are numerous via ferrata climbs and mountain climbing routes that you simply have to experience. All you need is some muscle strength, a sense of balance, and a little bit of courage and you are ready for an adventure in the mountains of our home region! Alpine climbing enjoyment starts right here in Mayrhofen.

Awaiting you here is the Himmelsleiter climbing garden with 12 different routes, the Huterlaner via ferrata, the Pfeilspitzwand via ferrata, and the Zimmereben via ferrata. These climbs offer the perfect routes for children and beginners as well as exciting challenges for experienced mountain climbers.


Naturpark Zillertal

If you would like to spare yourself exhausting climbs, the Mayrhofen lifts will take you directly to the start of the highest hiking routes - for example the Ahorn Leisure Trail or the Penken Panorama Trail. In addition, the Zillertal Alps Nature Park is awaiting you nearby with its pristine natural landscapes and many hiking routes.


Klettern am Penken | Foto: Mayrhofner Bergbahnen